UX Design Brief

As part of the BCIT UX Design course project, we were asked to build a ‘website strategy’ (Design Brief) for a user group and industry of our choice.

I picked an Outdoor Gear and Clothing company for the project.

The Process

The brief includes:

Baseline Statistics:
- Used Website Grader to analyse statistics

Company and Competitive Analysis:
- Researched the company - products and market
- Researched competitors - functionality, design, Social Media Marketing, strengths, weaknesses, what is missing, improvements

- Defined Short and Long Term Goals that related to activities on the web.

User Scenario:
- Identified an ideal user who represents the target audience of the site
- Created a character for that user
- Wrote up a scenario for that user by introducing the user and gave them a primary task to accomplish on the site.

- Identified the targeted users of the site
- Task List - identified and created a task list of the various tasks the users will want to do when they visit the site

Tools used to create and design the various facets of the brief:
- bubbl.us - Concept Map
- PowerPoint - SIte Map
- Balsamiq - Wireframes for 3 Key Web Pages ‐ Desktop and Mobile