My Portfolio

This is my online portfolio, showcasing some of the web projects I have worked on since 2018.

The front page includes the projects, about me and contact sections. I incorporated Slick Slider to showcase my projects.

The Process

I went through many design iterations for this site as I wanted to showcase my portfolio in a simple, yet effective way. I initially had separate pages for the different sections i.e. About me, Contact but eventually decided on keeping all the content on the home page as is the trend nowadays and linking the projects to individual project pages. I used WordPress for this site as it allows for easy addition of content without having to go into the code.


WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Javascript/jQuery, Adobe XD


Custom Post Types
Advanced Custom Fields; Repeater Fields
Slick Slider


Navigation, Body font: Roboto Slab, sans-serif
Heading font: Lato, sans-serif

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