Interactive Angular JS App

This interactive menu app was a project I developed as a course project using Angular JS.

The requirements and mockup were provided; aim was to develop an interactive app that allows the user to select items and quantities and dynamically calculates total amounts and taxes for the items based on their quantities.

The Process

The requirements:
Create a restaurant food menu ordering interface with the following features:
- The ‘Reset Order’ button sets all quantities and totals to zero when clicked.
- The plus button increments the quantity for an item. The minus button decrements a quantity.
- If the quantity of salmon exceeds 4, the color of the font and the background changes to alert the server that only 4 are in stock so they can notify the customer. Reducing the salmon quantity back to 4 or less changes the colors back to normal.
- The interface dynamically and accurately updates the dollar totals at the bottom each time a plus or minus button is clicked.


Angular JS, HTML, CSS

Designed and developed with ❤️ and ☕ in Vancouver, BC.

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