Creative web developer,
inspired by simple,
yet effective designs.


About me

My Story

I started my career after completing my Masters in Computer Management. I worked as a database programmer for several years in various industries in India and New Zealand. In Canada, I contracted in the non-profit sector as a Data Analyst and for several agencies that required my skill set over the past few years. I enjoyed working with data and learning and using new systems but I was itching to do something more creative and exciting.

How I got into Web Development

I have always loved art and its various forms like drawing, sketching, painting and interior decor. Clean designs and styles make me happy. Last year, I attended a couple of HTML and CSS workshops with Ladies Learning Code. I was fascinated and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was exciting to see all the beautiful shapes, colors and content magically transform into beautiful websites. I was seriously considering a career change and a friend suggested the Technical Web Design program at The British Columbia Institute of Technology. I am always up for a challenge and so I took the plunge. The program was very comprehensive and I have gained working knowledge with  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress, using design tools and UX design concepts.